Training your horse in the New Forest

Spring is the season to get your horse fit and there are few better places than the New Forest to achieve this. The New Forest National Park is 150 square miles of open heath and woodland; making it the ideal training ground for endurance riding, Le Trek and other equine disciplines.
Conditioning your animal during these months is vital to achieving the optimum summer performance. That’s why Fleetwater Holidays gives you a package of service to meet all your equine needs during this busy but exciting time.Plus, you can receive personal training in disciplines like dressage and jumping during your stay.
To discover more about accommodation options while you are getting your horse in shape in the New Forest, just call Jane Henderson on 023 8081 2534

4 thoughts on “Training your horse in the New Forest

  1. Hi, I stumbled upon your website hunting for somewhere to take my horse and holiday and it sounds absolutely ideal for us!
    We would mainly be coming for hacking but I would love a pop round your cross country course too! My horse is still quite young so looks like it would be a nice intro to cross country for him without being too challenging. Would this be free or is there a hire charge?
    What are your tariffs for the year, for both my horse and camping? What do these prices include? Would probably be looking at coming in summer time.
    Lastly, do you know anyone who does horse transport? As I would be coming from Kent.
    Thank you, I look forward to your response! :D

  2. Hi Jane

    I have a very nice 4 year old broken last year and been going out hacking in company and on her own .

    I would be keen to spend some time with you as my riding is a little rusty and keen to improve my balance .

    Can you let me know how much tou would charge for 4 days , I can stay with friends who live locally so just for a stable and bedding and of course your fees .

    I am from the new forest so would be keen to do some hacking too .

    Looking at the end of august .

    Regards Jane

  3. Hi Jane, Many thanks for contacting us, Jane will reply back to you directly to discuss dates, tariffs etc. We look forward to welcoming you in August.

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